Rarely do people give you solution, although People help other people.

We give diverse helps to others, and we receive help also from others.


But, has anyone given you the solution you truly desire?

Have you  pondered over why you are ever on the queue for help?


You see, in life, it’s about how you believe in yourself.

And for you to believe in yourself, it depends on how well you know yourself.

To know yourself begins with knowing the one who created all things including you.


Do you know God? He is the uncreated creator with the solutions to everything.

This is because when you believe in Him, you can understand who you are.

Knowing God prepares you to know and believe in yourself.


With the knowledge of God, you will know your created purpose.

When you know your created purpose, you will find your life path.

Finding your true path in life brings you solutions you long desired.


Sometimes, you may need to take some steps back or may simply move forward in the right direction to abreast your “Divine Solution”: God guides us to the right path.


Go to the source of solutions: the creator – God holds everything about every individual. Believe in Him, and in His Word! He will direct you on how to find fulfillment for your life.  It is not too late.


For more on this, please, see my book on “Living in God’s Presence”.

You may also read “God the Master Planner- Discover the Power to unlock your Destiny” also written by me (hard copies are available locally, but watch out for the E-copies coming out soon). Both books discussed in details how to know God and why we are created differently. They can help to stabilize your thirst for divine  solution.

You thereafter become  a source of help to others.


The Holy Bible says, “you shall lend to many nations, and shall not borrow from them” (Deuteronomy 28:12b)


If you think you need more guide on this, please reach out to me via my

website on: www.greaterfavour.com;  or write me on: info@greaterfavour.com


Remain blessed:


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Written by : Greater Favour

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