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She attended St Paul’s Nursery School; Ebenesi Primary School, Nnobi; and Our Lady’s Secondary School, also in Nnobi in Anambra State, Nigeria. In 1989, she spent one year at the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu as an undergraduate of Chemical Engineering, later got admission into the Federal University of Technology, Owerri Imo State (FUTO) in Nigeria in 1990. She graduated with Bachelors’ (BENG) and Masters’ (MENG) degrees in Engineering majoring in Chemical Engineering in 1990 and 2005 respectively. She spent the compulsory undergraduate 12 months students’ industrial trainings in vegetable oil refining plant, soap productions and engine/lubricant blending processes.

Favour got married at her third year and gave birth to three children before her graduation in July 1996. This slowed her but she still made 3.95/5.0 CGPA, and was the best graduating female in her dept. In August 2017, Favour pursued a carrier in Biomedical engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and banged MS with a 3.88/4.0 CGPA; this is an outstanding result for a 49 years old woman with children and her husband of 26 years marriage.

Greater Favour Graduation

Favour is the founder of two charitable non-profit and non-governmental organisations NGOs) namely Rock Foundation For Widows, Orphans and Less Privileged, Nigeria (ROFWOL) -2011, and Rofwol Child Empowerment Fund, USA (ROFCEF)-2015. Her aim was to secure scholarships for the impoverished children to be able to access formal education to the primary/secondary levels, and empower jobless widows to improve the economy of the nation, eradicate poverty/illiteracy, and balance self-esteem/image, which is a marker for future leaders. Many children and widows have benefited from her. The US government granted ROFCEF 501C3 tax-exempt approval in Nov. 2016. We want to help UN meet the MDGs. For more information visit: www.rofwol.com.

Favour is a Christian who believes in Triune God (the Trinity-Father, Son and the Holy Spirit), and that Salvation comes only through God the son, Jesus Christ. She respects others and defends her belief with all peace. She uses what she has learnt from her religion to help others succeed at being whom they were created to be-children of the God. She urges everyone fighting in the name of religion to put down his/her tools and embrace love for God is love. Her role models in spirituality are: St. Paul the Apostle, Pastor Enoch E. Adeboye, and Joyce Meyer- because their lives was/are exemplary of Christian living.


To help others have healthy living; successful job/visa application; happiness in relationships-job, marital or business; hassle-free trips; can put those pieces of thought together as a story that can be read by others, and help you with most writing work to attain your deadlines/for a better opportunities.

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