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Not a Death Sentence- Check Your Breasts Regularly for Early Detection!

“Breast cancer is by far the most common malignancy in women. The median age is 64 years. Stage at diagnosis and biological features determine the prognosis. Patients with early breast cancer, with locally advanced disease and with locoregional relapse can be cured. Patients with metastatic disease are treated with palliative intent. (1)
It has been proven that young women can be affected. Pregnancies and lactations can also affect the biology of a breast cancer. (2) And breast cancer increases with pregnancy (3) Modern treatment is multi-modal. It includes surgery, radiation and drug therapy.” (1)

It has been proven that men are susceptible to breast cancer too. So everybody should be on guard against breast cancer and look out for any development on your breasts.  “Breast cancer in men is rare, accounting for approximately 1% of all breast cancers and less than 1% of all neoplasias in men.” (4)

“The appropriate and monthly practice of BSE is linked to decreased amounts of time elapsing between the identification of suspect signs when breast cancer is present.” (5)

Remember, breast cancer is real: do monthly check of your breasts regularly. If you see  lumps, discoloration, purse or abnormal development, it is time to go and see a doctor. Breast Cancer is real. Early detection can lead to a cure or increased survival time, but late detection is highly regrettable.
Stay healthy and alive for those that love you.


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