Covid19 Pandemic has lent itself a turning point in life. What have you achieved at this period? You either grab one or few characters/traits or you drop one or few nottoo good traits. Why?
What are you and I doing ? that we are in doors! Do you know that many people have taken advantage of Covid19 and are making. money? Some Christian believers found this as the best moment to commune and repair their relationship with God.


What are you doing with the opportunity? Opportunity? Yes!
Otherwise why are some folks making. coins out of it?

Nonetheless, it’s not all about money, money, money!
What about your relationship? It’s time to think of repairing or rebuilding a failing union.
But, may I drop a word!
Be careful what you do during this compulsory homestay period because if you area type that rarely stay home, forget it.
Because, your children and spouse are not likely to jump at your homestay, why because you are going to destabilize their regular routine as home base people.
Therefore, my advice is, if you know that you are like a visitor to your home – either due to your job or your life style, pls., be wise to use a gradual process to re-integrate yourself into your family.
Covid19 is a great teacher! He is a great warrior!
But it cannot compare to our God!
Make the best you can out of Covid19.
Make profit, make gains, make values, reunite, mend broken relationships, appeal to those your own that you hurt.
The Almighty God will NOT abandon us. Make the best you can, be positive, be kind, be yourself in all. Nothing really spoil except Covid19 itself.
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I am GreaterFavour
Greater Favour

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