Why do people struggle with new year resolution? Either that they have never been able to keep their resolve, or simply because many choose to write theirs on or before the first day of the new month, 01st January; or both.
We do not need to worry about coming up with new year resolution because everybody was not born on 1st January/31st December.

Biblical Chases

People should rather concentrate on having the consciousness of succeeding at being themselves. Once this is achieved, the next thing is to draw the road to your target.


Below Is My Divine Interpretation Of The Analogy:

I.          The husband and wife forms a strong team that is capable of achieving ten times of what each of them would achieve, should they work independently. As a team, they have a mandate/target to be successful. The Bible says, “One can chase a thousand (1,000), and two can chase ten thousands (10,000).” Permit me to introduce a third part of the team, which are your children. With them as part of the family team, they will achieve one hundred thousands (100, 000);

a.         which is ten (10 ) times of what you would achieve as a couple (10 x 10, 000),

b.         One hundred times (100 x 1,000) of what you will achieve as a lone ranger.

c.         A couple is therefore, at an 80% loss of their achievement if they work separately; each making 1,000, a total of 2, 000.

d.         But if husband and wife shall unite as a team they will gain an additional 8, 000 more than what they would make if operating as individual.

e.         And if they raise their children well, they will exponentially reap the gains that will come from the 3rd tier team work – a bumper harvest of one hundred thousands (100, 000) – 90, 000 more than the two parents alone make.

Therefore, make your children an important integral of your family success

Written by : Greater Favour

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