1. The day a man stops dreaming, he dies!
2. See yourself the right way, not the other way round.
3. If you do not stop poverty, poverty will stop you soon!
4. Advice is like asset; you acquire an asset if you are in need of it.
5. Poverty is the dividend of idleness, and the gratuity at old age!
6. Never you say Yes when you mean No, or No when you mean Yes!
7. A life with many failures to a success is more historical than one without.
8. Wisdom is indispensable, and knowledge like a touch light in every uncertainty.
9. Live by 1 per cent of a largest than 100 per cent of a smallest.
10.To maintain our balance, we must wade through hurdles with astute acumen.
11.It is harder to maintain a higher position than to build a new one.
12.Who said you cannot approve yourself? Go ahead and do it again and again.
13. Struggling to please all is a waste of precious moments lost forever.
14.To be the best, is to be who you are at your best.
15.Individualism is part of your existence, so be proud that you are different.
16.Confidence comes by determination through constant effort.
17.Having the right amount of (rational) confidence promotes a positive self-esteem.
18.Without stretching the elastic band, no one knows how far it can go, so, give
yourself the stretch of life that sets one out from the crowd for recognition.
19.Failures are not meant to end your life, but ending your failures right gives success
the wings to fly you to places.
20.Seven Antidotes to Boosting your Self image and overcoming Set back are-

  • Be thankful always.

  • Blow your whistle, no one does it better than you.

  • Admire your strength, for you have enough to win a race.

  • Admit your weakness, because they are potential strength.

  • Be joyful, even if there is nothing really happening.

  • Respect others, not only when they are right or agree with you.

  • Forgive always, for that is the best gift to your heart.

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Written by : Greater Favour

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