As a non profit, non governmental organization with a fundamental cause of caring for the impoverished children, orphans and needy widows, Rock Foundation for Widows, Orphans and less Privileged (ROFWOL) Nigeria, in conjunction with Rofwol Child Empowerment Fund (ROFCEF USA) have given out 200 bags of rice in different sizes to the Red Cross home Makoko orphanage, Modupe Cole home and School in Yaba Lagos, Nigeria. Widows also benefited from that.

Other groups they extended their charitable cause were the workers and staff at these homes, and administrative workers at her church for their humanitarian services towards humanity.

The founder Engr Favour said it is in her character to offer help and care to the needy; though it has not been a very good period for everybody economically as the economic downturn over the past years has affected their supporters from extending donations with which they were able to help the needy.

Her prayer is that God will protect everyone at this critical period especially the children and physically challenged in various homes; from the covid19 pandemic.

Keep yourself and your inmates safe. Wash your hands up to the elbows regularly with soap and water. Cover your couch and sneeze into your elbow. Wear mouth & nose guard, and any other suitable protective gadget especially if you are serving the public, sick or physically challenged persons and babies. If any feels sick contact the authorized heath provider in your area.

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Written by : Greater Favour

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