Do you know that how you see yourself determines how far you will go in life?
One of my favorite quotes says:

“See yourself the right way, not the other way round.”

How can you become a teacher if you do not imagine being a teacher?
If you do not take a step forward to go to school and get proper trainings to be a teacher?
Some young girls mimic motherhood at early stages suggesting that these ones will like to get married and have their own children!
How can you become a president if you do not see yourself capable of being a president?
Therefore, whatever you are today was what you were al to see about yourself.
Whatever you are NOT today, which you could have been, was because you were not seeing yourself as one in that position already.
Also, if you believe that one cannot get something legally: always through unlawful means, then each thing you needed several illegitimate ways shall appear to you.

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But if you believe that you cannot join the unlawful masses and choose to do your things through due process, that will become your strong anchor in life and it helps you to succeed at your dreams. No matter the stage you are right now:
Are you advanced in age and felt oh this is not for you? Not so, because there are many things you can enjoy as you age: simply readjust your though line and see the tremendous changes it will bring to your life!
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