Have you wondered why your friendship with others don’t last? Some folks believe that no matter what that there would never be a dull moment in their friendship with others.

Often, I wonder Why my friends like me? One thing I never take for granted is the fact that I am likable by some. Being attracted to, or liked by others is an appreciable thing.
Yet maintaining a relationship far outweighs the initial love at first sight. This should be considered a great deal of business.
Today, I would like to share few tips that will help you maintain your relationships with others!


Don’t Forget, It’s Fiction

Yes, loving people as they are goes a long way in building and cementing a relationship.
Avoid the struggle or manipulation of trying to change others. It gives way at long run and can turn everything sour if found later.
Why would you want to change someone?
Just look at the beauty of human individualism!
See how different we are made! If all are eyes, how would the human body look like?
when people admire me so much that they wish everyone is like me: I quickly step in by refusing that before the ‘gods’ will hear them!
How on earth will the world be if it’s filled with “you’s or I’s”?
It will be a monotonous nonsense!
“Keep relationships very simple”! Is another helpful tip.
Barriers should be minimized in all relationships. This does not mean there should be no
orderliness! No! Not at all! All visible boundaries shall be recognized, but without barriers!
Take for instance, in a Master -Servant relationship,
The servant knows how to relate to his master and vice versa. If the servant should wake up one day and greet his master by wrapping his hands over the master’s neck- he has overstepped his boundaries. The master on the other hand if he keeps himself too high
that the servant could not reach him by his humble service, that also is creating barriers.
Each party in a relationship must recognize these two limits.
Another tip for a healthy relationship is respecting your friend’s privacies/boundaries. It’s a very bad thing to see friends simply overindulge their friends in a way the friends were not interested in. I leave you to ponder on!
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