There are many types of phobia- of height, enclosure, water/river, etc
But I noticed that some people have this uncommon phobia.
Either of a new place or as a result of another prevalent phobia such as claustrophobia (fear of enclosure).

The best acronym for fear was that given by Joyce Meyer. She described fear as:
F– false
E– evidence
A– appearing
R– real


Fear can really become your master if you give it chance. It will want to take over your entire life.

But one best antidote to fear is to “walk through your fear!”
For instance my fear of drowning made me desire to learn how to swim as I figured out how to walk through it.
Now let’s look at why many fear to take advantage of Traveling as a way to spice up life, exhilarate and rejuvenate for better performance in the midst of uncertainty as we are faced in our time.
The first thing people fear when the thought to travel especially to a place they have never been before is how to cope?
How to cope with what? With everything when they get there.
Things they worry about include:
-Language barrier

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I am GFavour

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Till next time…..
I am GFavour

Greater Favour

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