This piece was to give a fair clue about my personality and also to help those
having difficulty with that.

Favour is a very humane, passionate, loving, caring, deep, blunt and highly endowed lady; with high regard for fairness and justice. She possesses a strong physique, which without doubt, projects her inner strength, courage and resilience.
Thus, she loves tackling issues and challenges, very objectively, very frankly, and frontally.
She is a visionary thinker. She is a very responsible, prudent, dependable, dutiful, conscientious, trustworthy, pragmatic and compassionate “woman of honour.”
Another sterling aspect of her strength is the readiness to sacrifice her personal interest and pleasure for others, when it matters most. Doing this has largely been a source of intrinsic joy and satisfaction to her, being who she is. But by so doing, she often get her fingers burnt, but never deterred. Above all, she is naturally warm, generous, accommodating, considerate, empathic and forgiving.

Why Creativity Is Important

Favour exceedingly loves her home, as well as her family and friends; more so, she always strive to keep her workplace and environment friendly, lively, and warm at all times. In the same vein, she is always in love with children. As a result of this, she is fondly dubbed as “the Cosmic Mother.” More over, she is very passionate and highly committed to social work and humanitarian activities.
She is an excellent listener, counsellor and motivational speaker. As much as she loves visual arts with passion, yet she fares very well in the sciences, philosophy, metaphysics and psychology. She has musical talent, but this has not been fully tapped. It is also noteworthy to mention that she is very devotional and spiritually endowed.
Favour is very natural, pragmatic, practical and down to earth. She loves nature and natural things, including people who are ‘natural’ and open. She is very analytical and keen about facts. Thus, she avoids taking anything or judging people/issues directly on
the face value.
Favour is very proficient in the fields of administration, as well as business and financial management. She is a very shrewd manager of resources, who takes leadership responsibility with high sense of commitment, honour, diligence and accountability. As a strategic planner and goal-getter, she is well tested. Thus, she is trusted and highly respected.
Favour may sometimes be found to be tough and uncompromising, most especially when fairness or justice is being trampled upon. She is usually very comfortable with people who are humane, conscientious, cultured, upright and principled.
Favour is a woman of many parts and she can wear different caps at different times.
Therefore, she can easily adapt and fit into any given responsibility or calling, in any sphere of human endeavours.

Written by : Greater Favour

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